New Zealand-based apps

Apps with a New Zealand focus

The following apps have a New Zealand focus and are aimed at New Zealand users.

New Zealand-based apps

  • The following health apps have been developed in New Zealand.
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Mental health and wellbeing apps

Āio Māori meditation

Aunty Dee
Depression course (Just a Thought)

Finding Purpose

Generalised anxiety (Just a Thought) course

Health anxiety course (Just a Thought)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (Just a Thought) course
Social anxiety course (Just a Thought)

SPARX Staying on track 
The Village

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care apps

Positively Pregnant

Feed Safe NZ

BURP (Breastfeeding's Ultimate Refuel Place)

Babble MidCentral DHB 

Well Child

Whare Kahikā Home Safety 


Tuku Iho app


Breastfed NZ app


Long-term conditions apps

Diabetes app Asthma app Multiple sclerosis app

He taonga (blood pressure support tool)


MS Energise

My Diabetes Journey



Lift: Thriving with Diabetes




Wellness and healthy ageing




Stroke Riskometer



Gut health and nutrition apps

Coeliac Care Program

The Insides Guide

FoodSwitch New Zealand




Skincare apps



First aid apps

AED Locations

First Aid - IFRC


St John NZ CPR & AED


Healthcare services apps

Emergency Q

Well Revolution

Te reo Māori language apps

Aki Hauora




Te reo Māori


Other apps

App name Description

Beyond the Birds and Bees app

Beyond the Birds and Bees app
A New Zealand app to help young people learn about sexuality and relationships.

Bright Sky NZ app

Bright Sky NZ app
A New Zealand app app providing safe, practical support and information for people concerned about family violence, or worried about the safety of themselves, or someone they care about.

Cancer FIT+

Cancer FIT+ app
A New Zealand app designed to maximise health for individuals following on from a cancer diagnosis.

Endo45 | Endometriosis App

Endo45 | Endometriosis App
A New Zealand app for people with pelvic pain and a diagnosis of or symptoms of endometriosis or adenomyosis.

INR log

Warfarin app
A New Zealand app to keep track of your warfarin dose and INR results.

Manaaki Ora

Manaaki Ora app
A New Zealand app to provide guidance and self-help tips for improving well-being.


Pain app
An app for people with lower back pain or hip pain. PainGuru helps with confirming a diagnosis, and provides information on different treatment options.

Pre Check app

Pre Check app
An app with an interactive breast model that shows some of the breast changes associated with breast cancer.

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