Te Kete Haerenga – Your Journey to Wellbeing Kete

Te Kete Haerenga

  • Our online self-management toolkit – will give power back to you in your journey to wellbeing and hauora.
  • Designed for and with people living with long-term health conditions (LTCs), the kete can be used to describe what's important to you and your whānau, what you wish to achieve in your life and how others can best support you in that journey.
  • Te Kete Haerenga is a beautifully designed tool to assist with moving away from prescriptive models of health towards shared decision making and patient/provider partnerships.
  • It will support you to explore who you are as a person and how your LTC affects your quality of life. But, also, it will support you to have those conversations with care providers.
  • By using Te Kete Haerenga, you can identify together what things you can manage now and what you can do over the longer term. Come on a journey to hauora, whatever that looks like for you!
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