Baby care apps

Baby care apps

  • There are a variety of apps to help parents with their newborn baby.
  • Find out more about baby care apps.
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There are a variety of apps to support parents and carers of a newborn baby.

  • Some apps provide education and information about newborn care and development. 
  • Some apps enable the tracking and recording of baby's milestones and immunisations.


Here are a few baby care apps reviewed by Healthify

 App  Features  Clinical review

Babble MidCentral DHB

Babble MidCentral DHB app logo

  • For parents with a baby admitted to or going to be admitted to a neonatal unit, NICU or special care unit. 
  • Read more about Babble MidCentral DHB

Nara Baby Tracker app

  • An app to track and monitor your baby’s daily routine.
  • Read more about Nara Baby Tracker.

Tuku Iho app


  • An app for whānau hapū, māmā hapū and māmā hou that gives information about what to expect in the first few weeks to months after arrival of your pepi.
  • Read more about Tuku Iho app
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Well Child

Well Child app logo

  • To track your baby's health progress and set reminders for their health checks and appointments.
  • Read more about Well Child

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