Early warning signs plan

Early warning signs plan

  • This early warning signs plan makes it easier to notice how you're feeling and plan what you need to do if you start to feel unwell or get worse or if your condition becomes an emergency.
  • This page also has links to a range of resources to help you plan and track your progress in achieving your health-related goals. 
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An early warning signs plan can be used to identify the different stages of how you're feeling and plan what action you need to take to deal with each situation.

Writing down how you're feeling can help you to notice the signs earlier that you need to do something to take care of your health. Having a plan in advance makes it easier to know what to do when you start to feel unwell, get worse or if your condition becomes an emergency.

You can download an early warning signs plan here [PDF, 78 KB].

We have put together the Te Kete Haerenga Wellness Toolkit to help people set personal goals and make plans for better health and wellbeing. It has different sections to address different aspects of their health. 

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