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Knee exercises apps


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The following apps for knee exercises have been reviewed. These apps are best used under the guidance of your physiotherapist or doctor.

App Features Clinical review

Knee Exercises app

  • Exercise videos
  • Track and view completed programmes
  • Calculator or counter (sets reps and rest periods between exercises)
  • Challenges
3 star review

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Self-Care app

An app to provide information for the self-management of back, neck, all upper limb and all lower limb joint pain or stiffness.

My Knee Guide app

  • Education and information (conversational style text, pictures, and videos,)
  • Checklists and reminders
  • Patient stories and experiences
  • Animated images of arthritis to knee replacement surgery
  • Rehabilitation plans

Physitrack and PhysiApp apps

Physitrack and PhysiApp are companion apps for home exercises. Physitrack is the clinician portal and PhysiApp is the patient portal.


An app for anybody wanting to prepare for and recover from hip, knee, hand or foot surgery.

  • Education and information
  • Videos
  • Available from Google Play 
  • Cost: free
  • Read more about PocketPhysio

PT Timer


Timer and counter app for physical therapy to keep track of your exercise and assist you by counting reps and sets.

  • Counter
  • Diary and tracking
  • Available from App store
  • Cost: Paid (Free 1 week trial)
  • Read more about PT Timer

Other apps you may find useful

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  • Sleep apps: Some help you track your sleep habits, similar to a sleep diary, and help you develop good sleep routines, while others try to assist you to fall asleep by using calming visual graphics and relaxing music. Read more about sleep apps.
  • Breathing, meditation and mindfulness apps: These apps teach you about breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques. This can help reduce tension, stress and anxiety. Read more about meditation and mindfulness apps.


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