PT Timer

Timer and counter app for physical therapy to keep track of your exercise and help you by counting reps and sets.
PT Timer
By Qi Analytics LLC
  • Tracking
  • Diary
  • Calculator or counter
  • Reminders
  • Data exports

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$1.69 for 1 month
$3.49 for 3 months
$7.99 for 1 year

What does the app do?

This app provides support for an exercise programme, by offering features like timing, counting, scheduling and reporting. The app stores instructions and pictures of an exercise that the you input. It uses both audio and visual cues to help you do an exercise with the correct hold, rest and repetitions. 

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✔ Diary feature allows you to record how difficult you found the exercise and how many reps you performed.

✔ Clear visual and audio counter to help you to prepare, start, hold, rest and repeat an exercise. 

✔ Can upload pictures of exercise with written or audio instructions.

✘ Available for iPhone devices only (Apple).

✘ Very detailed in the parameters available and could take some time for the user to navigate and use with ease.

Review details

Date of review: February 2021
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 3.3 

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