Virtual consultation apps

Virtual consultation apps

  • These are apps enabling you to have an appointment with a New Zealand registered health practitioner without seeing them in person. This is also called a virtual consult or telehealth.
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There are a variety of apps and online tools that enable you to consult with a doctor, nurse, psychologist or other healthcare provider virtually (not physically), through your phone or computer. This consultation process is also known as telehealth, video consults or virtual consults. On this page you can see some of the current platforms being used in Aotearoa New Zealand to enable this process.

Read more about telehealth.

Note: An after-hours telehealth service by Ka Ora Telecare Limited is now available for people in rural communities across Aotearoa New Zealand. The service, which operates from 5pm to 8am during weekdays, and 24 hours during weekends and on public holidays, can be accessed by patients by calling 0800 2KA ORA (0800 252 672) or via referral from the patient's rural general practice.

Read more information about the Ka Ora Telecare service(external link) and how to access it.

Some online tools require your doctor to send you a secure video call link, for example Doxy.Me.(external link) Others can give you access to a New Zealand registered GP who you may not be enrolled with. 

App or online tool Description
Online Doctor NZ
Pocket Lab
Practice Plus
  • Practice Plus is by Tū Ora, Pinnacle, THINK Hauora, Pegasus Health and Te Awakairangi Primary Health. Learn more about PracticePlus(external link)  
Well Revolution

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