Sprout pregnancy app

An app with a variety of pregnancy tools, including information about development of the baby, weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.

Sprout Pregnancy By Med ART Studios
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Country of origin USA, but the app is available in an ‘Australia / New Zealand’ version
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  • collect medical information? No (usage data only collected, this is not linked to you)
  • require a login? No
  • have password protection? No
  • have a privacy policy? Yes
  • require internet access? No
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Cost Two week free trial and then $4.99. There is a free version but this apparently has minimal information.
Advertisements This app contains ads, which may vary from user to user.

What does the app do?

The Sprout pregnancy app allows you to keep track of where you are at in your pregnancy. Users enter their due date and the app automatically tracks the pregnancy week by week. Each time the app is accessed, the screen shows a 3D image of a developing baby (foetus) at the appropriate gestational age along with a pregnancy timeline. 

The app also provides information on the pregnancy investigations and tests that are done at various times during pregnancy, and antenatal care. It provides advice on diet and the symptoms people may be experiencing at different stages of pregnancy. There are also sections on a birth plan, hospital bag planning, a kick counter, a contraction timer and medication tracker. There is a space for a personal journal and you can customise it to send you reminders.

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews


The app is nicely set out and has good graphics. 

Available in multiple languages. 

✔ Easy to use.

  Some aspects are less consistent with maternity care in Aotearoa. The app assumes a hospital birth.

Review details

Date of review: September 2021
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 11.0

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