Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP) app

A tool designed to help people monitor their pressure ulcers.
Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP) By Andre Clark
  • Track your skin condition
  • Share information
  • Reminders

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Clinical review 

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Security and privacy Does the app:
  • collect medical information? No
  • require a login? No
  • have password protection? No
  • have a privacy policy? No
  • require internet access? No
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What does the app do?

Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP) app is a tool to track your skin condition if you are at risk of getting pressure sores. The skin check section has provision for you to track the condition of your skin at 5 main pressure points. To assist users with monitoring, the app has a traffic light system for describing the area – clear (green), discoloration (yellow) or skin breakdown (red). The app also has provision to set pressure relief reminders to change position and tips on how to prevent pressure sores at the 5 main pressure points. For the complete app description, go to the App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews


✔ Ulcer tracking tool – track ulcers on the ischiums, sacrum and heels.

✔ Shows you tips for ulcer improvement depending on the ulcer area.

✔ Camera integration for visual tracking over time (but this was bugged at the time of review).

✔ Reminders to perform pressure relief.

✘  The app wouldn’t save tracking sessions when using the camera feature after exiting.

✘ No general education section about pressure ulcers.

✘ The app’s traffic light grading system for pressure ulcers doesn’t correlate with standard grading, which could cause some confusion.

✘ No tracking for body areas other than the ischiums, sacrum and heels (eg, elbows).

✘ Cannot export data.

Review details

Date of review: January 2020
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 1.0.0
Download size: 4.1 MB
Updated: 17/01/2015  

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