Parkinson Exercises Tablet

An app for people with Parkinson’s disease as well as for therapists working with patients as a source of advice and instructions for daily exercise and movements.

Parkinson Exercises Tablet By European Foundation for Health and Exercise
  • Short education videos 

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Clinical review Two out of five stars

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What does the app do?

The app is designed to be used by people with Parkinson’s Disease and other forms of Parkinson’s as well as therapists working with patients as a source of advice and instructions for daily exercise and movements. The app is essentially a series of short educations videos (not really ‘exercises’) that describe techniques for improving walking for people with Parkinson’s. 

For the complete app description, go to App website(external link) , Google Play(external link) and iTunes(external link) or for a detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Clear videos with generic but clear advice on how to improve some aspects of gait impairment, some functional transfers and a few range of movement exercises for Parkinson’s.

✔ There is also a lengthy document outlining some options and advice for cardio vascular exercise (‘conditioning’) and relaxation.

✔ Fine for some general advice and starting point for those wanting more information on how to self manage.

✘  The name of the app is misleading. Most of the videos are not of ‘exercises’ but are short education videos that describe walking techniques.

✘ There are no dose recommendations at all. 

✘ Videos are mostly of ‘strategies’ with added advice on how to manage some common problems (freezing, bed mobility, sit to stand). 

✘ Advice is very generic and ‘one size fits all’ approach means likely to be relevant only a subset of people with Parkinson’s (early to mid disease stage with mild/mod gait problems). 

✘ This is about as useful as a simple brochure about Parkinson’s but some of info is out of date.

Review details

Date of review: June 2019
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 1.0.1
Download size: 5.7 MB
Updated on: 2 July 2013

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