Health and Her Menopause app

Health and Her Menopause app

  • This app is for anyone experiencing menopause symptoms, who wants to track symptoms and set goals for lifestyle interventions.
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Health and Her Menopause app By Health & Her


  • Goal setting.
  • Diary.
  • Tracking – can integrate with Apple Health (to track menstrual cycle). Reminders can be scheduled for a range of activities, to take supplements and drink water.
  • Calculator or counter.
  • Reminders.
Country of origin United Kingdom
Clinical review 

3 star review

Read a clinical review of this app below.

Security and privacy Does the app:
  • Collect medical information? Yes
  • Require a login? Yes
  • Have password protection? Yes
  • Have a privacy policy? Yes
  • Require internet access to use? Yes

Read more about safety and security when using apps.

Tips to improve your privacy and security [PNG, 200 KB] Health Navigator Charitable Trust, NZ
Staying safe online(external link) Netsafe, NZ

Cost Free
Advertisements This app contains ads – supplements from the app’s own brand are advertised in the app. Advertised as ‘tried and tested’ but no study data is available.
How to get the app

The Health and Her Menopause app opens with a series of questions to be completed by the user about things like supplements or HRT they are taking, details about their menstrual cycle, contraception, procedures and medical conditions.

  • The app enables users to track symptoms, triggers and cycles.
  • Based on their symptoms, users can create a daily plan to set goals and an activity schedule with daily reminders to complete the activities.
  • Users can use daily exercises to improve their symptoms and wellbeing.
  • The app has a 'Learn' section which gives more information about different aspects of menopause, eg, menopause and cardiovascular disease, tips for a healthy gut, etc. This section also has a selection of supplements for sale, under the banner 'Tried and tested by other women'.

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see reviews below.


App is easy to use and laid out clearly.

✔ Articles are clear and easy to filter by specific topics.

✔ Range of activities to help with symptoms/wellbeing.

✔ Reminders for activities to improve motivation to complete them.

✔ Free.

✔ Graphs are available for symptoms and triggers, while you can’t export this data, the graphs are displayed in the app.

 Period logging is fairly basic, only logging the dates of the period.

Supplements from the app’s own brand are advertised in the app. Advertised as ‘tried and tested’ but no study data is available.

Goal setting is limited to goal areas they have set (although this does cover sleep, anxiety and stress, drinking water, low mood, loss of sex drive, pelvic floor exercises).

Symptoms logging is limited to pre-set categories that are rated from low-high.

Clinical review

3 star review

: Dr Phoebe Hunt, Medical Officer working in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Magma Healthcare
Date of review: September 2023
Version: 1.6.6

Platform: Apple
Comments: Good app overall for learning about menopause, tracking symptoms and trialling activities to manage various menopausal symptoms. App requires a high level of motivation for users to benefit from it, in terms of sticking to the ‘activity schedule’ and logging symptoms and triggers.
Safety concerns: App has its own supplement brand. I am always cautious of apps that are promoting their own products. It is unlikely these are evidence-based and there is an associated cost.
New Zealand relevance: Yes but the app is largely based on the UK health system, thus some information regarding the providers and medications may not apply to the NZ context.

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Reviewed by: Dr Phoebe Hunt, Medical Officer working in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Magma Healthcare

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