Graded motor imagery apps

Graded motor imagery is an approach used as part of the rehabilitation treatment of many persistent pain and movement problems such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and phantom limb pain. Graded motor imagery is the process of training and re-training your brain and its many connections, and in this way can treat chronic pain. The following are examples of apps that use graded motor imagery. These apps are best used under the guidance of a health professional.

 App  Features  Clinical score


  • Laterality recognition program
  • Has image library
  • Graded difficulty levels
  • Results storage
  • Available from Google Play and App Store
  • Cost: basic (free); paid upgrade
  • Read more about Orientate app

Recognise Hand

  • Memory and ‘speed match’ tools
  • Graded difficulty levels
  • Personal best challenges
  • Displays results and graphs
  • Image capture
  • Available from Google Play and App Store
  • $11.99 (no free version)
  • Read more about Recognise Hand

Note: there are a suite of Recognise apps by the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) group. They have seperate apps for each body part such as Recognise Hand, Recognise Shoulder, Recognise Foot, Recognise Back, Recognise Neck and Recognise Knee. 

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