CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades app

  • This app is a game for children aged 6 to 8 years to learn about the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if they hit their head.
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Rocket Blades app By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


  • Game.
  • Designed for children 6–8 years old.
  • Education and information.
Clinical review 

4 star review

Read a clinical review below.

Security and privacy Does the app:
  • Collect medical information? No
  • Require a login? No
  • Have password protection? No
  • Have a privacy policy? Yes
  • Require internet access to use? No

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Rocket Blades is a fun game developed for young children to educate them about concussion injury and safety. This app aims to teach children about concussion in an enjoyable, entertaining game. By playing the game, children learn the different ways your brain can get hurt during sports activities, how important it is to tell a coach, parent or other adult when an injury occurs, and the importance of taking time to rest and recover if they have a concussion. 

When players are injured the game simulates concussion symptoms, making the screen blurry and play more challenging. Children are prompted to tell a grown-up when a player is injured and swap injured players out for a healthy teammate. At the end of each level, a doctor checks out all the injured players to make sure their brains are rested and recharged, and they are healthy to race. 

For the complete app description, go to iTunes(external link) and the app website(external link), or, for a more detailed review, see reviews below.


Very simple, clear, repetitive messages that children can understand.

Messages provided are very important with regards to treatment of concussion.

Children may be bored quickly with this game and its repetitive messages.

 More directed at young children under 10; it won't appeal to older children.

Clinical review

4 star review

: Sarah Woodward, Physiotherapist, Bay of Plenty
Date of review: April 2021
Version: 1.1.1
Platform: Apple iOS
Comments: Rocket Blades is a fun game developed for young children to educate them about concussion injury and safety. It involves racing characters via roller skates through obstacles, with clear repetitive messages about how to manage a concussion injury when this occurs during the game. Some features may reproduce concussion symptoms such as blurred screen when the character is injured. The repeated messages include learning points directed at children about the importance of getting rest, getting help, that helmets alone cannot prevent concussion and that hitting your head can cause a brain injury.
Children who play this game will gain clear messages about the importance of seeking help and resting if they sustain a concussion injury. It may raise their awareness and help them to take action in response to these injuries.
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to a New Zealand audience.  

Clinical review

4 star review

: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, RNZCGP
Date of review: November 2018
Version: Version 1.0
Platform: Android

Comments: This is a “brain safety” game for children aged 6–8. It teaches children about some of the signs and symptoms of concussion, the importance of telling an adult if you hit your head and seeing a doctor before you can return to play.
It is a platformer game with 6 levels, with the objective being to avoid obstacles while collecting as many gems as possible before making it to the end. If you hit your head your screen becomes blurry until you rest. If you hit your head twice then you are forced to rest. You see a doctor at the end of each level who checks up on you, and helps you get better if you hit your head. The information is very basic but probably age appropriate.
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: Relevant to a New Zealand audience. 

Daugherty J, Miles I, Sarmiento K, et al. A description and evaluation of the concussion education application HEADS UP Rocket Blades(external link) Health Promot Pract. 2018 Mar 1:1524839918764670.

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