Gender diversity support

Gender diversity support

  • Support services and information for gender diverse people and their family/whānau.
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National organisations

Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand (ITANZ)(external link)(external link) 
ITANZ is a New Zealand-registered charitable trust that provides information, education and training for organisations and professionals who provide services to intersex people and their families.

Intersex Youth Aotearoa (IYA)(external link)(external link) 
Intersex Youth Aotearoa is a place for all people with intersex variations, and their whānau and friends to share information, find support and network with each other. 

InsideOUT(external link)(external link)
InsideOUT works with youth, whānau, schools, community groups, youth services, government agencies and other relevant organisations to provide safer schools and communities for young people of minority sexualities, sexes and genders. Phone 027 331 4507.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa(external link)(external link) 
Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a cross-cultural, transgender-led organisation that operates on a kaupapa Māori public health framework. Its activities include research, providing information and resources, advocacy, education and training, operating services for gender minorities and providing support for takataapui, transgender and intersex people, and referrals to other services.

Gender Dynamix Aotearoa(external link)(external link) 
A national organisation that is based in Tauranga. They support trans people in the community to help them live fuller, healthier, and happier lives as their authentic selves. They provide various services including; support and advocacy groups, educational seminars while providing access to resources for the community.

Transgender and Intersex NZ(external link)(external link) 
The Facebook group is the largest online transgender community support group with a New Zealand-based membership. This group is primarily for sharing information between people of diverse genders and sex characteristics, and has a secondary focus on supporting parents and whānau as well as those who work with trans people and supportive others. 

NZ Trans Guys 

A group for people born or living in Aotearoa/New Zealand, assigned female or intersex at birth, but who identify outside of that, including but not limited to transgender, transsexual, ftm, f2m, tangatairatane, mtm, male, taane; genderqueer, trannyboy, transman, 3rd gender, bi-gendered. Contact NZTG at 

Portal support for NZ parents of transgender and gender diverse children(external link)(external link) 
A Facebook group offering support for parents with children who are gender questioning or gender diverse. Email contact at 

Naming NZ(external link)(external link) 
An organisation to help transgender, gender diverse and intersex youth with updating identity documents to correctly reflect their sex and gender.

Body Positive(external link)(external link)
Provides a broad range of services for people living with HIV in an attempt to break down the sense of isolation HIV+ people often experience and to build a sense of community. Phone 0800 448 5463.

NZ AIDS Foundation(external link)(external link)
NZAF has a vision of an Aotearoa with zero HIV transmission where people living with or affected by HIV flourish and a mission to prevent transmission, reduce stigma and maximise the well-being. Phone 0800 802 437.

Rainbow Path NZ(external link)(external link) 
Rainbow Path is a refugee-led advocacy and peer support group for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers living in Aotearoa New Zealand who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender diverse, intersex, queer, questioning or asexual (LGBTIQA+). Email contact at

Local support groups and services

Hauora tahine – pathways to transgender healthcare(external link)(external link) 
Hauora tahine provides secondary services that provide gender-affirming healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people across the Northern Region DHBS (Northland, Waitematā, Auckland and Counties Manukau).

F'INE(external link)(external link) 
F’INE (fee-neh) is a Pasifika LGBTQI-focused provider, providing whānau ora navigational services in the Auckland region.

A facilitated social/support group for transwomen over the age of 35 that meets weekly. Phone OUTLine NZ 0800 688 5463 for contact information.

Rainbow Youth peer support groups(external link)(external link) 
Peer-based local support groups for queer and gender diverse youth across Auckland, Northland and the Bay of Plenty. 

OutLine Aotearoa(external link)(external link)
Phone 0800 688 5463. An all-ages rainbow mental health organisation providing support to the rainbow community, their friends, whānau, and those questioning. We provide a nationwide, free and confidential 0800 support line for people who want to speak to a trained volunteer from the rainbow community.

Beyond Binary(external link)(external link) 
This is a specialised Hamilton-based group for young people (aged 35 and other) who identify beyond the binary sex/gender they were assigned at birth. This group is open to those who are questioning or exploring their gender and to those who have found theirs. They meet every other Monday from 6-7pm in the top level of Zeal. For more information please email

Tranzform Facebook page(external link)
A Wellington support group for gender diverse young people aged 30 years and under.

Wellington Binder Exchange(external link)(external link) and Willis St Physiotherapy(external link)(external link) Information and services to minimise the risk of pain and injury associated with binding, corsets, changes to gait and posture, and surgery.


A network for trans and gender-diverse youth in Christchurch and Dunedin that meets in Christchurch. Contact the group at

SouthTrans NZ(external link)(external link) A Facebook support group for trans people who live in Dunedin and the surrounding areas.

Online course

Supporting Transgender People(external link)(external link) Gender Minorities Aotearoa, NZ
Gender Minorities Aotearoa is offering a free online course, Supporting Transgender People. The course takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. This course is designed to increase your knowledge of issues affecting transgender people in Aotearoa, and to build your confidence in speaking about these issues and supporting transgender people. It is a 101 course and suitable for people with any level of knowledge on transgender issues.

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