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HPV testing for cervical screening

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HPV testing will become the primary cervical screening test in Aotearoa New Zealand from 12th September, 2023. 

From this date, free cervical screening services will be available for key groups as part of the move to the new HPV test.

Free screening will be available from 12 September 2023 for:

  • women and people with a cervix 30 years and over who are unscreened (have never had a screening test) or under-screened (haven’t had a test in the past 5 years)
  • anyone requiring follow up
  • Māori and Pacific
  • anyone who is a community service card holder.

Read more about cervical screening:

  • Cervical screening (whakamātautau waha kōpū) is a test that looks for abnormal changes to the cells of the lower end of your uterus (cervix).
  • From 12 September 2023 the test is changing from a cervical smear test to human papilloma virus (HPV) screening of cells collected with a vaginal swab.
  • A cervical smear test is still available if preferred.
  • It's an important test for anyone with a cervix who is aged between 25 and 69 years and has ever had any sexual contact.
  • Treatment can be given before the abnormal cells develop into cancer.


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