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Key points about calling Healthline

  • Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you or someone in your whānau is sick enough to see a doctor.
  • Or you may have a question about your health that you'd like advice on.
  • Call Healthline – it’s no bother – they’re there to help.
  • Healthline can answer any of your health questions. Nothing is too big or too small.
  • By calling them early, you can stop a small illness from getting worse.
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If you or someone in your whānau is feeling sick, but you’re not sure if you need to see a doctor or what to do for them, call Healthline. 

The Healthline team know how to assess what’s happening for you or your tamariki. They can give you advice about what to do and when to see a doctor.

Video: Winter Preparedness Series 2023 - Telehealth

Here's a video about how Healthline works and what they can do to help you when you call them. It may take a few moments to load.

(Te Whatu Ora & Te Aka Whai Ora, NZ, 2023)

You can call Healthline at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, on 0800 611 116. If you have a question about COVID-19, call their special COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453.

Your phone call, including from a mobile phone, is free. The advice Healthline staff gives you is also free and it is confidential (no one else will know what you talk about).

Healthline can answer any of your health questions. Nothing is too big or too small. Small health concerns can cause big worries. It’s no bother – they’re there to help. 

If you or your tamariki are even slightly sick, call Healthline. If you call them early, you can stop a small illness from getting worse. 

You‘ll speak to a friendly person who will ask you questions about what you’re calling about. From your answers, they will recommend the best thing to do. That might be to see a doctor or go to hospital straight away.

If it’s less serious, they can tell you how to take care of yourself – or the person you’re calling about – at home.

They can also tell you where to find your nearest after-hours GP service, hospital emergency department, pharmacy, out-of-hours dental surgery, etc.

The Healthline staff are an experienced team, who have worked in general practices and hospitals and for ambulance services. They include nurses, paramedics, health advisors and other health workers. They use their clinical experience to advise you.

Healthline staff can arrange to talk with you in your language. When your call is answered, say you'd like an interpreter and the language you’d like to speak in.

Healthline can also engage with the NZ Relay Services and support you if you are Deaf, hearing impaired, Deafblind or speech impaired.

If it is an emergency and you or someone else needs urgent medical attention right now, phone 111 and ask for an ambulance.

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