Coping without a car – what are your options?

Key points about options when coping without a car

  • Sometimes health conditions can lead to you needing to stop driving.
  • For some people, this can mean learning how to cope without a car.
  • If you're over 65, there are support services in place to help you get around.
  • These include travelling free using your SuperGold card, discounted taxis and renting or buying a mobility scooter. 
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The SuperGold card is a card for people over 65 to enjoy a lot of special offers and free public transport. You are eligible to apply if you're 65 and a New Zealand resident. 

If you apply for New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super), you will get a SuperGold card with your NZ Super application. If you're over 65 and don't get NZ Super, you can apply for a SuperGold card separately. Find out how to apply the SuperGold card(external link)(external link)

With the SuperGold card, you can enjoy free public transport in your region. However, free travel is subject to time restrictions and additional requirements may apply. Read more about the common questions and answers about the SuperGold card(external link)(external link)

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The Total Mobility half-price taxi card is a discount transport service provided for people who are unable to use public transport easily or who have mobility impairments. You can get a 50% discount on your transport fare if you are eligible. 

An assessment facilitator will need to assess your condition to find out whether you are eligible for the service. He or she will look at whether you have an impairment that prevents you from travelling safely on public transport. 

Read more about the Total Mobility half-price taxi card and how to apply(external link)(external link)

A mobility scooter can get you safely to places that are too far to walk, such as the local shops, library or church. As driving a scooter is similar to driving a car, you need good distance judgement, as well as good eyesight and hearing. It is important that you check with your doctor first before getting a scooter. Read more about keeping safe on your mobility scooter.(external link) 

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There are also shuttles and other transport services that can get you around without you needing to drive a car. Read more about shuttles and other services(external link)

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