Self-help App for the mind (SAM)

An app created by the University of West of England to help people cope with anxiety, depression and loneliness.
Self-help App for the Mind (SAM) By University of the West of England and MyOxygen
  • Self-help tools
  • Education and information
  • Mood tracking
  • Trigger log
  • Community forum

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Country of origin UK
Clinical review

Two out of five stars

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Security and privacy  Does the app:
  • collect medical information: Yes
  • require a login: Yes
  • have a password: Yes
  • have a privacy policy: Yes
  • requires internet access to use: No but the app has limited functionality offline
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Cost Free

What does the app do?

Self-help App for the Mind (SAM) helps users learn about anxiety, depression and loneliness and practice self-help techniques to manage them.

  • Users can keep track of their mood and triggering situations.
  • The self-help section offers a variety of tools such as breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, meditation, thought exercises and tips.
  • Users  can create a list of favourite self-help tools.
  • The app also has a discussion forum for users to get and give support. 

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✔ Support from community forum available.

✔ Provides links to other self-help resources.

✘ Instructions for using app provided but are difficult to find.

✘ Educational components and readings are minimal and superficial.

✘ Although the app provides many different self-help tools, these are difficult to locate and are provided in written, instructional format rather than more interactive means. Some provide incorrect or incomplete instructions for the strategies described.

✘ Some content is not functioning, eg, broken links, and muscle relaxation exercise doesn't play.

✘ Content doesn't address different types of anxiety disorders making advice too general at times to be useful.

✘ Difficult to navigate, unstructured or information provided out of order.

Review details

  • April 2022; Version 1.1.0; Android
  • November 2017; Version: 1.2.6; Android

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