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Quitline online support app

  • Quitline is a New Zealand based online help and support service for people wanting to quit smoking.
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Quitline online support app By Quitline


  • Online support.
  • Quit plan.
  • Quit stats.
  • Quit blogs.
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Quitline is a New Zealand based online help and support service for people wanting to quit smoking. Online support includes:

  • Quit stats: by entering the number of cigarettes or amount of tobacco you smoked, we'll tell you how much money you've saved since you quit. Quit Stats also keep track of how many days you've been smokefree and the total number of cigarettes you HAVEN'T smoked since you quit. It's a way of giving you a pat on the back and will help keep you motivated.
  • Your quit plan: to keep yourself on track you can make an online plan to quit smoking and stay smoke-free. You’ll enter things like your goals and reasons for quitting, smoking triggers and strategies for not smoking.
  • Quit blogs: is a blog forum for thousands of New Zealanders who have either quit, want to quit or are quitting now. You can share your story and read those of others. The blog community will connect you with others who know what it's like to quit smoking. Many people find the peer support invaluable.

In addition to online support, Quitline offers support by phone, text and face-to-face. Read more Quitline(external link).


New Zealand based.

✔ The users quit statistics are displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand format which can be encouraging.

Supportive blog community.

Has community house rules for blog posts.

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