Positional Vertigo app

Positional Vertigo app

  • Positional Vertigo app's guided exercises are intended for people who have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).
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Positional Vertigo app By Prof. Dr. Michael Strupp


  • Education and information.
  • Reminders.
Country of origin Germany
Clinical review 

4.5 star review

Read a clinical review below.

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  • Collect medical information? No
  • Require a login? No
  • Have password protection? No
  • Have a privacy policy? No
  • Require internet access to use? No

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How to get the app

The Positional Vertigo app provides verbal and visual guidance through manoeuvres to help with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It has detailed information about when to perform the manoeuvres, possible symptoms and the difference between the Semont and Semont Plus manoeuvres.

The app is most useful for people who have consulted a medical professional or specialist and received a diagnosis of BPPV, and who have been advised to perform Semont or Semont Plus manoeuvres. The app provides verbal and visual guidance on how to do these manoeuvres.  

For the complete app description, go to the Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see reviews below.


✔ The app advises that the user should have been told by a doctor which side is affected (however, it gives a “diagnostic positional manoeuvre” for those who do not know, which may be insufficient to diagnose affected side).

✔ The verbal cues guide the user to stay in the position for the required amount of time.

✔ The app recommends repetition of the manoeuvres.

✔ The app cautions that the manoeuvres may induce or worsen vertigo and dizziness during the movement.

✔ The app includes information about benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).

✔ The app was developed by Michael Strupp, a Professor of Neurology in Germany, who is well-regarded as an international expert in vestibular disorders.

✔ The app gives an email address for the professor, so that users can ask questions or give suggestions for improvements to the app. 

✔ The developers have included references from articles, however these are noted in German, not English.

✘ The user must go to settings to select English (otherwise all instructions are in German).

There seems to be a glitch in the software for the visual demonstration of the Semont plus manoeuvre for the left affected ear. The visual depiction of the first movement is much smaller than the other visual guides and difficult to see.

The treatment manoeuvres demonstrated are specific to a particular type of BPPV only. Other forms of BPPV are not covered.

Clinical review

4.5 star review

: Dr Rachael Taylor, PhD, MAud, PGDipSci, BSc, MNZAS. Research Fellow and Vestibular Audiologist, the University of Auckland, Department of Physiology.
Vanessa Simpson BHSc (Physiotherapy), NZRP. Senior Vestibular and Neurological Physiotherapist and Educator. Owner of Vertigo Balance Clinic.
Tania Linford MNZAS, BSc, Maud, PGDip Couns. Senior Clinical Audiologist. Owner and operator of Tinnitus Relief Limited.
Date of review: June 2023
Platform: Apple
Version: 2.0
Comments: Excellent app for demonstrating a particular treatment (Semont and Semont Plus) for BPPV under the guidance of a vestibular specialist. The treatment manoeuvres demonstrated are accurate, with clear verbal instructions, and support patients visually in performing the exercises.
Please note: It is essential that vertigo, dizziness and other balance disorders are properly and fully assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional or specialist, and their advice is followed, prior to users attempting to use vertigo apps.
The developers are world leaders in vestibular medicine. The treatment manoeuvres demonstrated are based on sound research. They have demonstrated treatment manoeuvres for a particular type of BPPV accurately to assist patients at home. The app contains a lot of information about BPPV and includes answers to frequently asked questions.
Safety concernsNone. However it is important that the user understands that the manoeuvres presented in the app may induce (or make worse) vertigo and dizziness during the movement; it is therefore recommended to perform them under supervision.
The guided manoeuvres are only suitable for a particular type (posterior canal) benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and are not suitable or helpful for other types or causes of vertigo.
It would be good if the app included advice that the user should seek medical attention if symptoms have not resolved after a few days in case they have the crystals in an alternate canal (or stuck to the cupula), which might benefit from one of the other manoeuvres, or an alternate diagnosis which can mimic BPPV.
New Zealand relevance: The app is relevant to a New Zealand audience but it is only available in English and German.

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