Onero Online

Onero Online

  • An online program for osteoporosis and fracture prevention.
  • It can be used to improve strength, mobility and bone-health.
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Onero Online  By The Bone Clinic


  • Tracking progress.
  • Graphs and reporting – emails are sent summarising testing results and progress.
Country of origin Australia
Clinical review 


Read a clinical review below.

Security and privacy Does the course:
  • Collect medical information? Yes, it does, however you enter an identifier ID so although the programme is collecting information and linking it to your identifier number, this does not relate back to your personal details.
  • Require a login? Yes
  • Have password protection? Yes
  • Have a privacy policy? Yes – couldn’t obviously find this on the website, but was found when specifically googling this.
  • Require internet access to use? Yes

Read more about safety and security when using apps.

Tips to improve your privacy and security [PNG, 200 KB] Health Navigator Charitable Trust, NZ
Staying safe online(external link) Netsafe, NZ


Weekly subscription, which varies depending on the membership option chosen. The memberships are not locked in for a particular period – you can cancel at any time.

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Advertisements This app contains no ads.
How to access the programme

Onero Online has been created by the Bone Clinic in Australia. It's a structured exercise programme, with exercises focusing on strength, mobility, balance and aerobic movements. The programme has been designed for users with osteoporosis, although it's acknowledged that it would benefit a wider population. The programme has some high-quality standardised outcome tests that the individual does at the start of the programme and can repeat every 12 weeks.

  • At the start of the programme, the user completes a tandem walk, a 'timed up and go' and a '5 x sit to stand'. These are well established and validated outcome tests, that are well recognised in the physiotherapy community. They have a clear link between test results and implications for balance and likelihood of falls.
  • Following initial testing, the user is prescribed an exercise programme. Exercises contain a written and video description, which ensures they are easy to follow.
  • Exercises stay consistent for a 12-week period. On completion of the 12-week period, re-testing occurs, and the user essentially unlocks the next level of exercises.
  • The programme is designed to carry a user through over a two-year period, with increasing difficulty over this period.

For the complete course description, go to the programme website(external link), or, for a more detailed review, see below.


Clearly described and well explained videos.

Good introductions – medical disclaimer, and an easy-to-follow introduction/tutorial video.

Ability to change intensity of exercises.

Note: this isn’t obvious in the exercise programme section, but according to the FAQ section, if the exercises are too easy, a user can email the programme, and ask to be moved on to the next level. That can then be unlocked.

When accessing this on your phone, you can't just watch the videos on the website, you seem to have to download them all, which may have data implications for some users.

For some users, staying at the same level of exercises, and performing the same exercises for 12 weeks (without variation) may be a little boring. Some users may not have an issue with this.

Control of the levels – you can't view the videos of the next level until you have completed the 12 weeks period and unlocked the next level. This is probably a wise safety feature, but a negative for this inquisitive reviewer!

Although the price point is more competitive than attending a gym and paying membership fees, some users may feel that a weekly subscription cost is a barrier.

Clinical review

4 star review

: Chris Lawrence, Community-based physiotherapist
Date of review: December 2023
Platform: Online, web 
Comments: Overall, Onero is a good safe, and a well-structured online exercise programme. It is easy to follow. If you had suffered a recent fall, and wanted to prevent future falls, or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, this would be a great programme to commit to. This would provide a structured exercise programme for up to 2 years, that you can use to measure your strength, balance and mobility. The outcome and testing section is excellent. Users can feel very confident that they are using validated tests, and progress in regard to these tests will have significant consequences for their balance and health.
The programme would be ideally suited for someone who has had some experience of a gym or exercise programme – acknowledging that there are some limitations of a video-based exercise programme, not having a trainer/therapist present to correct any technique issues. It would likely be helpful for older adults, or those with a more sedentary lifestyle who have a desire to create a structured exercise programme in their home, and who have a desire to track progress.
New Zealand relevance: Yes, this is very applicable to a NZ audience. Note – prices displayed on the website are all in Australian dollars.
Safety concerns: There are always some risks involved in following exercise videos, when compared to face-to -ace exercise input (due to the potential for a user to be performing exercises incorrectly). The programme has mitigated this via a clear disclaimer at the start of the programme. Additionally, exercises are demonstrated quite clearly.
The programme is potentially missing a feature that other similar programmes might follow where there are regular check-ins to ensure a user is exercising at a safe level.
One of the exercises on level 1 - Calf raises, seemed to be performed in the video at a very fast rate, and slowing the exercise speed down would likely be more effective.
Overall, the programme is very safe. There are no significant safety concerns. Exercises are appropriate, well chosen, and appear very safe to follow with. Exercise volumes are appropriate.

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