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Apps about nutrition in pregnancy

  • Currently there are no apps about nutrition in pregnancy that we strongly recommend.
  • Find out more about nutrition in pregnancy apps and how to use them safely.
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There are a variety of apps about nutrition in pregnancy. The focus of these apps ranges from recipes, meal plans, weight management advice and nutrition education. Currently there are no apps about nutrition in pregnancy that we give a strong recommendation for.

If you're using an app to get information and guidance about nutrition in pregnancy, here are some tips on how to use them safely.

How to use apps about nutrition in pregnancy safely

Do (✔)

  • There's no need to change your diet drastically when you are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should continue to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and keep active. However, there are a few extra things you need to be aware of in relation to certain vitamins and minerals, alcohol, and food safety. Read more about safe and healthy eating in pregnancy(external link).
  • Always use apps about nutrition in pregnancy under the supervision of your healthcare provider, your lead maternity carer or a dietitian, so they can guide you on whether the app is suitable for your needs and direct you to a suitable eating plan.
  • Be careful when reading information on discussion boards or group chat rooms. (Some apps have interactive features, such as discussion boards or group chat rooms, where users can share their experiences. Be cautious because in most cases these aren't monitored by a health professional so the advice or suggestions may not be safe or effective practice.) Know when to seek help.
  • Remember, steady weight gain during pregnancy is normal and important for the health of the mother and baby. However, it is also important not to gain too much weight.

Don’t (✘)

  • Rely on apps to make food choices and remember to achieve and maintain a healthy weight you also need to be physically active and choose amounts of nutritious food and drinks to meet your energy needs. 

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