Melon app

Melon app

  • A health and wellness app with a variety of programmes. This review is of the COVID-19 programme.
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Melon app By Melon Health


  • Tracks sleep, activity, feelings.
  • Wellbeing articles and videos.
  • Shared community.
  • Personal coach.
Country of origin New Zealand
Clinical review 

For COVID-19:

5 star review

Read a clinical review below.

Security and privacy Does the app:
  • Collect medical information? Yes
  • Require a login? Yes
  • Have password protection? Yes
  • Have a privacy policy? Yes
  • Require internet access to use? Yes

Read more about safety and security when using apps.

Tips to improve your privacy and security [PNG, 200 KB] Health Navigator Charitable Trust, NZ
Staying safe online(external link) Netsafe, NZ

Cost Free
How to get the app

The Melon app is a health and wellness app with a variety of programmes. The app is aimed at people who are feeling anxious or stressed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app has the following main sections:

  • Program, also called 'Living well program', which has 4 modules covering COVID-19-related anxiety, staying connected, making the most of self-isolation and looking after yourself and others. The modules cover standard psychological tools.
  • Health journal in which you can record your sleep, activity and feelings. It integrates with multiple third-party wellness tools like Fitbit and Strava. 
  • Community, which is a shared online community in which you can ask questions and share ideas and thoughts anonymously. 
  • Resources has multiple videos, podcasts and articles on a range of wellbeing topics. 
  • I need help has an emergency contact list and emergency exercises. 

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see reviews below.


 The Community section is quite active and has quite involved community support workers (13 at the time of writing).

Send private messages to a support worker for coaching.

Has a medical records section where you can add images of your medical notes.

Weekly wellbeing survey with tracking.

Optional notifications and reminders.

Free for COVID-19. They advertise other programmes for long-term conditions, such as diabetes, but Healthify has only reviewed the COVID-19 programme.

The program section has no way of tracking progress and doesn't have any interactive worksheets.

✘ The resources and program sections seem to use WebView, which leads to some minor navigation problems.

✘ The medical records section only supports images, not documents or free text.

It's not optimised for tablet and uses a zoomed-in phone version with large black bars.

Clinical review

For COVID-19:

5 star review

: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP
Date of review: April 2020
Platform: Android and Apple
Version: 3.22.0

Comments: The Melon app is a very well fleshed out wellbeing app with a good community section, multimedia resources and other extras. The multiple active community support workers are a great resource to have in this app. The website advertises programmes for multiple long-term conditions such as diabetes and cancer. These were not available to Healthify for review, and only the free COVID-19 programme was reviewed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone struggling psychologically during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Safety concerns: None.
New Zealand relevance: It is a New Zealand-based app.

User review

1 star review

: Member of the public, NZ
Date of review: June 2020 

Comments: Too many private identifying questions. Too long process to access non-private data. Lost interest before finished trying to sign up.

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