H2O Overload app

An app for people who need to limit their fluid intake, such as people with kidney failure, heart disease or low sodium levels.
 H2O Overload By the National Kidney Foundation (USA)


  • Fluid intake tracking
  • Weight recording
  • Blood pressure recording
  • Medication list
  • Doctors' appointment list
  • Reports for sharing

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Clinical review

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Privacy and security Does the app:
  • collect medical information? Yes
  • require a login? No
  • have password protection? No
  • have a privacy policy? No
  • require internet access? Yes
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Cost Free

What does the app do?

The app enables you to keep track of your daily fluid intake, weight and blood pressure. It allows you to set limits for these measurements and alerts you if your blood pressure or weight reaches a level that means you need to tell your healthcare provider. The app has provision for you to add doctors' appointments to a diary, create medication lists and store questions for your healthcare provider. It also has information about heart disease, kidney disease, low sodium levels and dietary tips.

For the complete app description, go to iTunes(external link) (Apple) and, for a detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Easy-to-use tracking features – able to track weight, fluid intake and blood pressure.

✔  Quick data entry with the option to export progress in graphical format.

✔  Displays an alert message when limits have been exceeded.

✔  Weight trends can be viewed as graphs for the past week, month, 3 months and 6 months.

✔  Good educational resource.
✘ The My Medications function that allows you to create a list of medications is free-typed rather than a drop-down list.

✘ No option to view fluid intake over previous days, as the app resets the fluid intake log every 24 hours.

✘ Default settings are American measurement units such as pounds and ounces, although you can convert to kg and mL – each time you open the app it defaults back to pounds and ounces.

✘ Available for Apple devices only; no Android version. 

Review details

  • April 2020: Version: 1.0.2, Apple
  • December 2016: Version: 1.0.2, Android

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