Eczema apps

Eczema apps

  • There are variety of mobile apps available for people with eczema and their caregivers.
  • These can be a useful way to learn about and take control of your eczema.
  • Apps for kids can be a useful way to teach them about the importance of applying emollients and can provide a useful distraction from their itchy skin.
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Eczema is a common skin condition that causes itch, redness, inflammation and of your skin. It can change the appearance of your skin, cause sleep disturbance and have a great impact on your emotional wellbeing. Read more about eczema

Eczema apps have the potential to help you manage your condition better. They can help you keep track your symptoms and triggers, and monitor or set reminders for your medicines – especially when to apply moisturisers.  Understanding what’s 'normal' or usual for your eczema can help you pick up when something isn't right or if your symptoms are improving. It's important not to rely on the app for a diagnosis. Here are some tips on how to use eczema apps safely.

How to use eczema apps safely

Do (✔)

  • Always use eczema apps under the supervision of a healthcare provider so they can guide you on whether the app is suitable for your needs. 
  • Use an app to keep track of your symptoms as part of your management plan. Use graphs and reporting for a discussion with your healthcare provider.
  • Be careful when reading information on discussion boards or group chat rooms. Some apps have interactive features where users can share their experiences. Be cautious because in most cases these aren't monitored by a health professional so the advice or suggestions may not be safe or effective.
  • Know when to seek help.

Don’t (✘)

  • Rely on apps to make a diagnosis of your condition.
  • Use skin products without first seeking advice from your healthcare provider.
  • Make changes to your medicines based on the recommendations from the app.

Here are a few eczema apps that Healthify has reviewed

App Features Clinical review


  • App for people with eczema to use to learn more about eczema, help identify potential triggers, and track the effects of treatment on symptoms.
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes.
  • Cost: free.
  • Read more about EczemaLess.
4 star review

My Eczema Tracker

  • An app to help you keep track of your or your child’s eczema.
  • Diary, tracking and reporting.
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes.
  • Cost: free.
  • Read more about My Eczema Tracker.
4 star review

Health and wellness apps that dermatologists do and don’t recommend(external link) American Academy of Dermatology Association

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