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An app to deliver step-by-step education, information and practical strategies to address chronic pain.

Curable By Curable Health
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Security and privacy

Does the app:

  • collect medical information? No
  • require a login? Yes
  • have password protection? No
  • have a privacy policy: Yes
  • require internet access? Yes

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Cost The basic version is free, but there is a paid upgrade version

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What does the app do?

Curable is an app used to deliver step-by-step education, information and practical strategies to address chronic pain. The app uses a virtual coach with a narrative style and takes a user through the process to adequately understand pain, the reasons for it, the mechanisms behind it, and how we can work to address it. It includes practical exercises to address pain.

The app is aimed at individuals with chronic pain and healthcare providers who want to use this app to help with educating their patients who have chronic pain. For the complete app description, go to Google Play(external link) , iTunes(external link) and the app website(external link) or for a more detailed review, see Reviews.  



✔ The style of this app is quite user-friendly. It uses a “virtual coach” which is displayed as if someone is messaging you and giving some practical solutions. The language used is easy to understand, and it presents the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

✔ The app does a good job of creating building blocks of learning – teaching a principle and then building on this further.

✔ The app has additional resources that can be used either by healthcare providers in their clinics, or by individuals.

✔ There are 2 methods for delivering content, either through audio, or reading the text.

✘ The app does have what some will call a significant cost associated with it (renewing annual subscription of $118 per year NZD).

✘ This app isn’t for someone seeking a quick fix. While this is a positive for those experiencing chronic pain, you can’t jump straight into a solution. You have to take some time to work through the initial pain education first before the strategies, or practical solutions and exercises are presented. From a chronic pain management strategy, this is very positive but it may frustrate some users.


Review details

Date of review: June 2023
Platform reviewed: Android (works with Android 5.1 and up)
Version: 5.0.6

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