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An app created by Midland District Health Board in New Zealand, to help Mums learn tips to help with breastfeeding and solve potential problems.
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  • Illustrations and pictures to explain concepts 
  • Video stories
  • Practical tips
  • Links to other websites for more detailed information

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What does the app do?

This app provides information about various aspects of breastfeeding, from how to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy, through to the first few days and the early weeks. In provides guidance on common issues such as latching and positioning your baby, hand expressing and breast care. In addition, the app has information on more unusual issues such as breastfeeding twins and early babies (premature), and frequently asked questions around breastfeeding such as medicines, contraception and smoking when breastfeeding. For a more detailed description of the app, see iTunes(external link) and for a detailed review, see Reviews.



✔  The separation of information into 6 chapters makes it easy to find appropriate information.

✔  The app has illustrations and pictures that are helpful in explaining concepts such as latching.

✔  It provides snippets of other Mum's experiences which gives the app a very personal, real-life feel.

✔  Has links to various other websites for more detailed information.

✘ The app is slow with all the information needing to be downloaded as you open each section, rather than it all being there already.

✘ A lot of the information isn’t referenced, and there is extensive use of anecdotes which can be misleading.

✘ Some sections remain unwritten and say “more information coming soon, ” such as the vaccination section.

✘ No search function, and the “quick find” page doesn’t have links to the actual contents.

✘ The tongue tie section was not completely accurate and up to date. It doesn’t properly convey that tongue-tie is not responsible for problem breastfeeding for the vast majority of infants with the condition, and that upper and posterior ties should not in general be treated.

✘ While the pictures and diagrams are very nice, videos would be helpful.

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  • November 2016, Version 4.5.4, Android
  • February 2019 
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