NZSL learning disabilities videos

A series of video stories for people with learning disabilities in New Zealand Sign Language.

yellow unaunahi on orange background

Video 1: Making decisions

This video is about making important decisions. Sam talks with a friend, his parents and a support coordinator about wanting to live independently from his parents.

(Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ, 2020)

Video 2: Good support

This video shows what good support looks like. Sam and his support worker Greg decide to change their plans for the day. Later Sam talks to a friend about why Greg is a good support worker for him.

(Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ, 2020)

Video 3: Improving your support

This video is about improving your support. Sam and his flatmates talk with an advocate about not having enough choice about their meal plans. The advocate assists them to talk to their support worker about the changes they would like.

(Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ, 2020)

Video 4: Resolving a concern

This video shows how to resolve concerns about a support worker. Sam is unhappy and talks to an advocate about his support worker not showing up on time. Together they talk to Sam’s service coordinator about how the situation can be improved.

(Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ, 2020)

Video 5: Identifying bullying

This video is about identifying and managing bullying. Sam is being bullied by his support worker and is affected emotionally and financially. Sam decides to talk with his local advocate and his service provider about the bullying.

(Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ, 2020)

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