Communication cards

Communication cards contain a set of icons that patients can use if they are having difficulty communicating their immediate needs, wants or concerns. These cards can be very useful during hospital visits or stays.

The cards can be printed and left with the patient during their visit in a healthcare service.

Patients and their families can point to the relevant icons to help their communication with staff. It is hoped that these cards will improve the safety and quality of care for some of our patients who may not be able to communicate effectively.

Communication cards

These communication cards, designed by the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab, have been translated into several languages:

Communications Cards Brochure

Communication cards

Arabic(external link)
Blank(external link)
Burmese(external link)
Chinese (simplified)(external link)
Chinese (traditional)(external link)
English(external link)
French(external link)
Hindi(external link)
Korean(external link)
Māori(external link)
Russian(external link)
Samoan(external link)
Tongan(external link)
Vietnamese(external link)

There's also a blank version(external link) that an interpreter, family member or friend can complete with translations of other languages.

Pacific Language Cards(external link) from Ministry for Pacific Peoples, NZ

For communication cards in other languages, see Cue cards(external link) Health Translations, Australia.

For deaf and hard of hearing communication cards, go here. (external link)

Here is a Language Identification Chart(external link) which contains translations for “I speak language” in sixty two languages.

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