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Tennis elbow decision aid

There are six options for the management of tennis elbow:

  • Modifying activity – rest and/or changing the way you use the arm.
  • Pain relief – in the form of ice, creams/gels, tablets or patches.
  • Supports – usually in the form of a supportive strap.
  • Physiotherapy – can use a variety of treatments.
  • Injection – most commonly with steroid. Other types of injection such as injecting a sample of the patient’s own blood (autologous blood), and botulinum toxin may be available.
  • Surgery – a hospital procedure that is usually only considered if other options have not worked well and symptoms have been present for over 12 months.

In making a decision you need to ask yourself – what is important to me? Your health professional can give you the evidence and  their suggestions but you need to make a decision that is right for you. What are your preferences? The Decision aid for tennis elbow(external link) may help you decide which treatment option is best for you. Made by Patient UK(external link), 2013.

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