Blindness and low vision support

Blindness and low vision support

  • Support services and information for people affected by blindness and low vision and their family/whānau.
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Blind + Low Vision NZ(external link) 
Offers a range of services to people with blindness and low vision such as counseling, orientation and mobility services, adaptive daily living services, adaptive technology and employment support. Phone 0800 24 33 33 from 8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday or email

Kāpō Māori Aotearoa New Zealand Inc. (Ngāti Kāpō)(external link) 
A member-based society that is open to all people with a disability. The services they offer include vision support services, advice and information about disability services and peer support. Phone 0800 770 990. 

Parents of Vision Impaired (NZ) Inc.(external link) 
Supports parents who have blind or vision impaired children. Join the group using the online form(external link) on their website.

Albinism Trust, NZ(external link) 
A support group for people living with albinism. Contact them using their online contact form(external link)

Retina New Zealand Inc.(external link) 
Offers peer to peer support for people living with retinal disorders. Phone 0800 233 833 or join the group using their online application form(external link).

Glaucoma New Zealand(external link) 
Provides resources and information about glaucoma and offers peer support groups for people living with glaucoma. Phone 09 373 8779 or email

Macular Degeneration New Zealand(external link) 
Provides resources and information about macular degeneration and has a support helpline 0800 622 852. Email 


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