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5 minutes with... Dr Emma Dunning

Dr Emma Dunning Healthify

At Healthify, we're grateful to have an incredible team of subject matter experts who take the time to review our website content. Meet Dr Emma Dunning.


Q. Tell us a bit about your clinical background. 

I've been a GP for 22 years. I've worked with suburban medical centres, a Māori health provider, a primary care clinic within an inpatient mental health service and now I'm a telehealth GP.

Q. Why are you interested in supporting Healthify through reviewing? 

I used Healthify with my patients, and found the reliable quality and plain language of the information put them in charge of their own health and saved me time.

Q. What are some of your key considerations when reviewing Healthify’s online content? 

The information needs to be true, succinct and useful.

Q. Tell us something about yourself that people might not know but be interested to learn.

As I neared my 50th birthday I enrolled in a course to do the thing that scared me the most – improv theatre. It still scares me, but I keep going back ...