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5 minutes with... Angela Lambie

Angela Lambie HNCT

At Healthify, we're grateful to have an incredible team of subject matter experts who take the time to review our website content. Meet pharmacist Angela Lambie.


Q. Tell us a bit about your clinical background.

I've been a pharmacist for 28 years, mostly in hospitals in Aotearoa New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I've also worked closely with Community Pharmacies and General Practices in Auckland to improve the safe use of medicines, and spent some time in the Netherlands working as a medical writer. I've been reviewing medicine pages on Healthify (formerly Health Navigator) for 8 years.

Q. Why are you interested in supporting Healthify through reviewing?

I believe it's our role as health professionals to help people understand what medicines they are taking, why they are taking them and what to expect. This will help them to make informed choices about their medicines and their health. 

Q. What are some of your key considerations when reviewing Healthify’s online content?

I always think about how this information would be understood if English was not the reader's first language.

Q. Tell us something about yourself that people might not know but would be interested to learn.

I'm on a mission to complete all of the beautiful Great Walks in Aotearoa, I’m nearly there! The picture above was taken last year on the Humpridge track, near Tuatapere in the South Island.