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Key points about gout 

  • This page contains information about gout for healthcare providers.
  • Find information on webinars, resources, podcasts and guidelines.
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Video: Achieving equity in gout management

(He Ako Hiringa, NZ, 2022)

Video: Addressing inequity in primary care

(Healthify & Health Literacy, NZ, 2020)

Video: Let's talk gout

(He Ako Hiringa, NZ, 2021)

Pharmac seminar series

Video: Gout – Dr Guy Taylor (parts 1, 2) (30 minutes + 28 minutes = 58 minutes)

(PHARMAC, NZ, 2019)

Video: PHARMAC seminar; Rheumatology update, 3b of 5, Gout

(Pharmac, NZ, 2019)

Video: Goodfellow Unit Webinar: Managing acute gout and prevention of gout

(Goodfellow Unit, NZ, 2017)

Video: Goodfellow Unit Medtalk: Management of gout in Aotearoa New Zealand

(Goodfellow Unit, NZ, 2018)

For more details, view Goodfellow Unit Medtalk.(external link) 

Video: Health Nav Chat w/ Rebecca Grainger

Watch this video where Dr Janine Bycroft (GP and Healthify Clinical Director), chats to Dr Rebecca Grainger (rheumatologist), about living with gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic pain.

(Health Navigator Charitable Trust NZ, 2018)


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Gout(external link) Goodfellow Unit, NZ, 2017

Professor Nicola Dalbeth shares an update on the management of gout. Nicola is a rheumatologist at the University of Auckland and Auckland District Health Board. She is a founding member of the Māori Gout Action Group, chair of the Atlas of Health Care Variance Gout Expert Advisory Group and was clinical lead advisor for the gout clinical pathways and BPAC gout treatment guidelines.

Legendary conversations – let’s talk gout. Part 1(external link) He Ako Hiringa, 2021. This focuses on focuses on how to better communicate with people with gout, to improve health outcomes. We discuss attitudes towards gout, and learn about the Ask, Build, Check health literacy framework with three experts: Professor Nicola Dalbeth, Carla White and Meihana Douglas. 

Legendary conversations – let's talk gout 
Part 2(external link) He Ako Hiringa, 2021. This demonstrates use of the three-step Ask, Build, Check health literacy model, through an acted discussion between a prescriber and a patient.

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