Eczema for healthcare providers

Key points about eczema

  • This page contains information about eczema for healthcare providers.
  • Find information on clinical guidelines, CPD and resources for additional learning.
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Videos and webinars

Goodfellow Unit Webinar: Dr Paul Jarrett - Eczema through the ages

This webinar covers common types of eczema from birth to the elderly, including their presentations, treatment and differential diagnoses.

(Goodfellow Unit Webinar, NZ, 2020)

Dr Diana Purvis - Paediatric Dermatologist - 2019 Goodfellow Symposium

Dr Diana Purvis talks about key take-home messages about eczema care in the Goodfellow Symposium, NZ, 2019. 

(Mobile Health, NZ, 2019)

Goodfellow Unit Webinar: Childhood eczema, Innovative ways of managing

(Goodfellow Unit, 2016)

Update about how to prevent paediatric food allergy and eczema (5 videos)(external link) PHARMAC Seminar Series, NZ, 2017. Expert insights from Dr Diana Purvis (Paediatrician and Dermatologist, Starship Hospital and Private Practice) and Dr Jan Sinclair (Paediatrician, Starship Hospital).

PHARMAC seminar: Allergy & eczema, 1a of 5: What is allergy/what is eczema?, pt1

(PHARMAC, NZ, 2017)

PHARMAC seminar: Allergy & eczema, 1b: What is allergy/what is eczema?, pt2

(PHARMAC, NZ, 2017)

Childhood Eczema – Paul Jarrett(external link) Goodfellow Unit, NZ, 2017
Dr Paul Jarrett talks about managing childhood eczema. Paul is a consultant dermatologist at Counties Manukau DHB and an honorary senior lecturer at The University of Auckland.

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