Clinical skills for healthcare providers

Key points about clinical skills

  • This page contains resources for learning, reviewing and practicing clinical skills.
  • For those of us who have been practising for years, it can still be worth reviewing our techniques and upskilling ourselves.
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Geeky Medics(external link)

The website Geeky Medics have a range of guides including:

Oxford Medical Education (external link)

This website provides a number of free guides including skills and procedures and examinations. Our favourite guides are:

Ausmed(external link)

A wide variety of resources for CPD. Videos include Adventitious breath sounds.(external link)

MedSims(external link)

On MidSims you can find a range of online medical simulations. Note: These scenarios are based on American guidelines so may have information that differs from New Zealand recommendations.

Ninja Nerd(external link)

An online learning platform for medicine and science. Watch videos and find resources on a variety of topics. Our favourite videos are:

Dr Matt & Dr Mike YouTube videos(external link)

Mike Todorovic (PhD) & Dr. Matt Barton (PhD) are Senior Lecturers and Medical Researchers at Griffith University, Australia. They have many videos about a range of medical topics on their YouTube channel. Our favourites are:

Clinical cases

View a range of interesting and educational cases at Geeky Medics(external link), designed for students and health professionals.

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