Transitioning your health care from youth to adult services



Key points about transition services for youth

  • If you are a young person with a long-term health condition such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma, breathing or heart problems (to name a few) there comes a point when your care will 'transition' or move from a child healthcare service to an adult healthcare service.
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This move is important, because it reflects the developmental changes young people go through as they become more independent and start to manage their own health care. The goal in moving to an adult service is that young people receive developmentally appropriate healthcare.

This is an important step for young people and their families. Many of you will have built a relationship with your healthcare team and will be used to the way the service works. Change can be scary as you meet new healthcare professionals and adjust to the differences. However, it is also a time of great opportunity as you become fully independent with managing your own health and your needs can be much better met by an adult focused service.

Below are a range of resources that will help you and your family plan your transition, and navigate your way through the adult healthcare environment. The key is when you're not sure about something and can't easily find the answer, just ask someone! 

Transition checklist for young people

Start thinking about how you can help yourself to prepare for your move to adult services. See more on Starship Children's Hospital(external link) website. Download the checklist. [PDF, 43 KB]

Transition checklist for parents

Ways in which you can help prepare your young person for transition. See more on Starship Children's Hospital(external link) website. Download the checklist. [PDF, 43 KB]

How do adult services differ from child healthcare services?

A summary of the basic facts and differences in care as you transition from child to adult healthcare services. See more on the Starship website.(external link)

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