Mindfulness videos

Key points about mindfulness videos

  • There are lots of ways to practice mindfulness.
  • This page has plenty of videos to guide you including mauri tau (mindfulness), yoga, taonga puoro, mindful hikoi and connection to nature.
  • There's also a series of videos to teach early childhood and primary school children simple mindfulness tools using breathing and visualisation.
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Simple mindfulness activity for your working day

(Mental Health Foundation, NZ, 2019)

Learn a meditation for feeling safe with Zakara

(Re: News, NZ, 2021)

Learn hīkoi aroā mindful walking with Manu

(Re: News, NZ, 2021)

Learn yoga with Christine

(Re: News, NZ, 2021)

For more videos of the same series, visit Mānawa maiea atawhai – mindfulness tools for rangatahi(external link) (Re:News, NZ, 2021)

"Be aware of te hā (the breath), and acknowledge ngā ātua Māori through body form and movements. You may have your own movement or sound you want to create as a body form for the different ātua. Be creative!"

Hikitia te Hā – Taiaha

(All right? Mental Health Foundation, NZ, 2018)

Hikitia te Hā Tai Chi

(All Right?, NZ, 2018)

Hikitia te Hā Yoga

(All Right?, NZ, 2018)

Hikitia Te Ha with All Right?

(All Right?, NZ, 2018)

Glitter storm

(external link)
(Jen Sievers, NZ, 2020)

High five breathing

(external link) (Jen Sievers, NZ, 2020)

Calming breath

(external link)
(Jen Sievers, NZ, 2020)

Dandelion breath

(external link)
(Jen Sievers, NZ, 2020)


(Mental Health Foundation, NZ, 2012)

Loving kindness

(Mental Health Foundation, NZ, 2012)

Mindfulness with Grant Rix 

(Mental Health Foundation, NZ, 2012)

Videos including Māori storytelling and simple movement to teach early childhood and primary school children simple mindfulness tools using breathing and visualisation.

(Pause, Breathe, Smile, NZ, 2017)

1. Our Atua

This is a story of Ranginui and Papatūānuku – this pūrakau speaks about the struggle between all of our Atua to separate Rangi and Papa. From that darkness, we can now experience the light or Te Ao Mārama.

(Jase Te Patu, NZ, 2020)

2. The stars of Matariki

This narrative is about the 9 stars of Matariki. The theme speaks about kaitīakitanga or taking care of our Earth Mother Papatūānuku, ourselves and each other. Especially now, all these things are super important.

(Jase Te Patu, NZ, 2020)

3. The great fish of Māui

With the help of his brothers, Māui was able to fish up the biggest fish ever caught. This became the North Island of Aotearoa and the South Island, the waka! This is a beautiful pūrakau about how when we help one another, great things can be achieved.

(Jase Te Patu, NZ, 2020)

For more videos in the same series, visit M3 Mindfulness for children videos(external link).

Deep belly breaths as a useful mindfulness exercise

(Wildling Books, NZ, 2020)

I-Sense with Cookie Monster and Headspace

(Sesame Street, US, 2020)

Goodnight Body with Elmo and Headspace

(Sesame Street, US, 2020)

What is mindfulness(external link) Mindfulness Education Group, NZ 
A Māori Perspective(external link) Pause Breathe Smile
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