B4 School Check

Key points about the B4 School Check

  • The B4 School Check is a FREE health check for pre-school children/tamariki after they turn 4 and before they start school to make sure they are healthy and can learn well at school.
  • If you are yet to hear from your local B4 School Check provider it’s important you contact them to make a booking by calling 0800 933 922.
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The B4 School Check is done by a registered nurse and will take about 45 minutes. It includes: 

  • a child health questionnaire
  • a questionnaire about your child's strengths and any things they find difficult 
  • an assessment of how well your child is developing 
  • hearing and vision screening
  • measurement of height and weight 
  • oral health assessment – Lift the Lip
  • health promotion and education
  • referrals to appropriate health, education or social services and follow up if required
  • immunisation (if overdue) where possible
  • the opportunity for you to talk about anything that is concerning you about your tamariki.

Read more about the content of the B4School Check.(external link)  

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The B4 School Check is the 12th (and final) core contact of the Well Child Tamariki Ora schedule of services(external link). It is not designed to pick up every health problem your child might have, so if you have any concerns about your child at any time, talk to your family doctor.

For more information on the B4 School Check talk to your Plunket Nurse, doctor or local Well Child provider. You can also:

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Daniel's B4 School Check

Follow Daniel and his family as Daniel gets his B4 School Check to get a close up view of what's covered. 

(EDTV & Northland District Health Board, NZ, 2015)

Cornelius's B4 School Check

Follow Cornelius and his family as Cornelius gets his B4 School Check.

(EDTV & Northland District Health Board, NZ, 2015)

For more information on the delivery of the B4 School Check in your area, check out this list of B4 School Check key contacts.(external link)

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