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An app to help people cope with stress, anxiety and depression.
Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.
Wellmind By Dudley and Walsell Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and Blue Step Solutions
  • Self-help tools
  • Mood tracking
  • Education and information

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What does the app do?

This app is designed to provide advice, tips and tools to improve mental wellbeing. Users select whether they want help with stress, anxiety, or depression and the app provides information about each condition, how it affects them physically, and 5 self-help tips. Users can keep track of their daily moods, things they look forward to and are grateful for, achievements. The app also provides a basic snake game for distraction, and 3 relaxation audio tracks. For a detailed review, see Reviews.



✔ Developed by the National Health Service, UK

✔ Easy to use

✘ Only a few self-help techniques provided

✘ Education component is basic although links to other websites are provided

✘ PDF files of self-help guides would not download

✘ Support organisations listed are UK-based

Privacy and security

The app does not appear to have a privacy policy so it is unclear what happens to data collected via the app such as mood ratings, information about things the user looks forward to, what he or she is grateful for and achievements. The app is not password protected and does not require a user account to be set up. Read more about things you can do to improve your safety and security when using apps.

Review details

Date of review: November 2017
Platform reviewed: Android
App version: 1.0
Download size: 23.47 MB

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App developer
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