Te reo and te ao Māori apps

Te reo and te ao Māori apps

  • Apps for anyone wanting to learn te reo Māori.
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Communicating with Māori patients in te reo Māori provides an opportunity for clinicians to engage in a deeper level of communication, which supports more effective assessment and management of patients and their whānau. Here are a few apps to get you started.

App name Features

Āke Āke

  • An educational resource to learn about basic Tikanga and te reo Māori.
  • Interactive
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Āke Āke

Aki Hauora

Aki Hauora app icon

  • Learning tool – health-related terms in te reo Māori 
  • Interactive game
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Aki Hauora


  • Synchronised narration in te reo Māori and English
  • Read and audio options
  • Record your own narration
  • Create your own pepeha
  • Export pages, images and audio to colleagues, friends or social media
  • Quiz to test your knowledge!
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Ihi app


  • Interactive app that uses image recognition
  • Teaches pronunciation of te reo Māori words
  • Can be used on tablets and phones
  • Based on Te Aka Māori dictionary
  • Available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Cost: Free
  • Read more about Kupu app

Te Reo Māori 

Te Reo Maori app icon

  • Māori language dictionary 
  • Photographs and audio clips
  • Available from iTunes
  • Cost: $5.99
  • Read more about Te Reo Māori

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