Speak Pacific app

An educational resource designed to provide a brief introduction to Pacific languages and culture.

Speak Pacific By Centre for Pacific Languages
  • Has 7 Pacific languages.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Options to read and listen.
  • Activities.
  • Export and share.

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Country of origin  Aotearoa New Zealand
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What does the app do?

The Speak Pacific app is designed to give users a brief introduction to 7 Pacific languages and cultures.

  • Fӓeag Rotuḁm (Rotuman language)
  • Gagana Samoa (Samoan language)
  • Gagana Tokelau (Tokelauan language)
  • Lea Faka-Tonga (Tongan language)
  • Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Airani (Cook Island Māori Language)
  • Vosa vaka-Viti (Fijian Language)
  • Vagahau Niue (Niue Language)

Each language has an introduction video to the language and cultural context, including The Lord’s Prayer, greetings, pronunciation, activities to share new words and phrases and a customisable introduction to practise and share.

It features:

  • synchronised narration in Pacific languages and English
  • swipe to read or touch to hear
  • drag and drop puzzles
  • the ability to create your own introductions in the selected languages
  • the ability to export pages, images and audio to colleagues, friends or social media.

It's hoped that after the brief introduction, users will go on to register for a full language course. For the complete app description, go to Google Play(external link) or the App Store(external link).


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