Self-management apps

Self-management apps

  • Apps to support users to live well and learn skills to better manage their long-term condition.

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Fabulous Self Care app

  • An app to motivate users to change their habits or behaviour by developing routines. 
  • Available from Google Play and App Store
  • Free trial (basic); paid upgrade
  • Read more about Fabulous Self Care app

Free version:

3 star review

Paid version:

4.5 star review


KYND app

  • Kynd stands for Know Your Numbers Dashboard. It's an app to check and measure your overall wellness.
  • Available from Google Play and App Store
  • Subscription to the app requires payment. Some people can access the app through a workplace programme.
  • Read more about KYND app
5 star review

Melon app

  • A health and wellness app with a variety of programmes.
  • Tracks sleep, activity, food diary, feelings.
  • Wellbeing articles and videos.
  • Read more about Melon app
4 star review

Te Ara Pae Ora app

  • Connects users to local and national health and hauora services.
  • Currently only available in the Kāpiti, Porirua, Wellington and Wairarapa regions.
  • Read more about Te Ara Pae Ora app

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