mySugr Diabetes Logbook app

mySugr Diabetes Logbook app

  • An app aimed at people with diabetes (type 1, type 2, gestational, prediabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young) wanting to record and track your blood glucose levels, nutrition and exercise, and estimate your HbA1c.
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mySugr Diabetes Logbook app By mySugr GmbH


  • Blood glucose diary.
  • Medication tracking.
  • HbA1c estimator.
  • Carbohydrate/meal diary.
  • Insulin calculator.
  • Physical activity log.
Clinical review 

4 star review

Read a clinical review below.

Security and privacy Does the app:
  • Collect medical information? Yes
  • Require a login? Yes
  • Have password protection? Yes
  • Have a privacy policy? Yes
  • Require internet access to use? Yes

Read more about safety and security when using apps.

Tips to improve your privacy and security [PNG, 200 KB] Health Navigator Charitable Trust, NZ
Staying safe online(external link) Netsafe, NZ

How to get the app

The mySugr Diabetes Logbook app allows you to record your blood glucose levels throughout the day, and using these values it calculates an estimated HbA1c after 7 days. It also allows you to record other information such as carbohydrate consumption, body weight, physical activity, blood pressure, ketones, medicines and insulin doses.

To be fun and entertaining, and encourage positive habits (such as recording your insulin dose), the app uses a 'monster friend' and a reward system and there are additional activity challenges that you can sign up to.

There is also a mySugr Coach, which is available on the monthly subscription, where you can ask specific questions about your diabetes. The questions are answered by a diabetes educator who can review your data and offer solutions based on your goals and query.

For the complete app description, go to Google Play(external link) (Android) or iTunes(external link) (Apple) and, for a detailed review, see reviews below.


✔ This app is useful as a log for recording blood glucose levels, activity, meals and carbohydrate amounts. 

✔ Easy to use and good visuals when looking back through previous days' data.

✔ Enables quick entry of data and you can pair some blood glucose meters via Bluetooth to record your data automatically. 

 The app is American-based but the units of measure for blood glucose and weight can be customised to the units used in New Zealand.

Cost to upgrade to Pro version which has functions like reports and reminders and access to a coach.

✘ The app is American-based — HbA1C is recorded in mmol/mol and not as a percentage, which is the current New Zealand recommendation. 

Clinical review

4 star review

Angela Lambie, Pharmacist, Waitemata District Health Board
Date of review: April 2020
Version: 3.64 (Apple) 
Comments: The app has good functionality and if it pairs well with your blood glucose meter, your data would automatically be included. 
Safety concerns: It pairs with Accu-Chek, Eversense and also with fitness apps such as Google Fit. The HbA1c results are displayed in mmol/mol which may be confusing if you are used to viewing your HbA1c as a percentage.
New Zealand relevance: The app can estimate your HbA1c based on blood glucose results over the past 7 days. This records HbA1c in mmol/mol which is different to the New Zealand recommendation of a percentage so may be confusing for some users.

The app has a coach available via monthly subscription where diabetes educators respond to questions based on your data and queries. This is managed by a US-based team of experts and their advice may differ from advice of your own health professional.

Clinical review

4 star review

: Isabel Raiman, Nurse Practitioner, Bay of Plenty District Health Board
Date of review: July 2016           
Comments: This app is useful as a log for recording blood glucose levels, activity, meals and carbohydrate amounts. It is easy to enter data and store records in one place.
Safety concerns: None. 
New Zealand relevance: The units of measure for blood glucose and weight can be customised to the units used in New Zealand: blood glucose in mmol/L and weight in kilograms. HbA1C is recorded in mmol/mol and not as a percentage, which is the current New Zealand recommendation.

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