My Diabetes Journey app

An app by Diabetes New Zealand for people living with diabetes who want to stay in control of their condition.
My Diabetes Journey  By Diabetes New Zealand
  • Food, exercise and wellbeing diary  
  • Goal setting
  • Calculator or counter
  • Tracking
  • Reminders

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Country of origin Aotearoa New Zealand
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What does the app do?

My Diabetes Journey app is for people with diabetes who want to stay in control of their condition, by way of recording an exercise and food diary and monitoring changes to their health and wellbeing. 

The app has a variety of features and comprehensive resources to gain a better understanding of diabetes and follow useful nutrition, exercise and wellness tips. 

  • Goal setting provides space to include daily movement goals.
  • Food diary includes space to list foods eaten at each meal time, snacks and beverages. There is also information about different food types and examples of serving sizes. There are recipe and meal ideas, and nutrition tips
  • Exercise diary has goals and reminders. There are tips and inspiration to get moving and at-home workout ideas, alongside a walking plan.
  • Wellbeing diary has a tick-box for how you are feeling each day, and a gratitude journal. There are tips for wellbeing, information about diabetes, depression and sleep, and some information about diabetes distress.

For the complete app description, go to the app website(external link), Google Play(external link), App Store(external link) or, for a more detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ A good way to keep track of nutrition, exercise and wellbeing

✘ There are no graphs to show changes over time

✘ Information can't be exported or shared  

Review details

Date of review: September 2022
Platform reviewed: Apple
Version: 1.1.8 

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