Meniere's disease apps

Meniere's disease apps

  • Currently there are no Meniere's disease apps that we strongly recommend.
  • Find out more about Meniere's disease apps and how to use them safely.
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There are a few apps marketed for people with Meniere's disease. Currently there are no Meniere's disease apps that we strongly recommend. 

If you're using an app to manage Meniere's disease, here are some tips on how to use it safely.

How to use Meniere's disease apps safely

Do (✔)

  • Always use Meniere's disease apps under the supervision of a healthcare provider so they can guide you on whether the app is suitable for your needs and can direct you to which exercises are appropriate for your condition.
  • Use an app to keep track of your symptoms as part of your management plan. Use graphs and reporting for a discussion with your healthcare provider.
  • Be careful when reading information on discussion boards or group chat rooms. Some apps have interactive features, eg, discussion boards or group chat rooms, where users can share their experiences. Be cautious because in most cases these aren't monitored by a health professional so the advice or suggestions may not be safe or effective practice.
  • Know when to seek help.

Don’t (✘)

  • Rely on apps to make a diagnosis of your condition.
  • Perform exercises without first seeking medical and professional diagnosis and instruction on which exercises in which app to use.
  • Make changes to your medicines based on the recommendations from the app.

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