Manage My Pain app

An app for people with pain wanting to keep track of their symptoms and triggers.
ManageMy Pain   By Managing Life
  • Symptom diary
  • Daily reminders to log data
  • Graphs and reporting
  • Requires upgrade for more features

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Clinical review

Read a clinical review of this app.

Security and privacy  Does the app:
  • collect medical information? Yes
  • require a login? Yes
  • have password protection? Yes
  • have a privacy policy? Yes
  • require internet access? No
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Lite version is free. A paid upgrade to Pro is required. Learn more about app charges.

What does the app do?

This app allows you to keep track of your pain by recording its intensity, location, associated symptoms, description, aggravating factors, ineffective factors, alleviating factors, duration and environment. You can also keep a record of your medications and meaningful daily activities ('what did you do that mattered to you today?'). For a more detailed description of the app, see Google Play(external link) or App website(external link) and for a detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Easy to navigate.

✔ Clear interface.

✔ Useful tool for self-reporting of your condition.

✔ Useful documentation to use in conjunction with specialist review as a summary of symptoms.

✔ Helpful user guide available.

✘ Does not include education or information on pain and its management.

✘ Advanced versions are not free.

✘ Comprehensive reports cost extra.

Review details

  • March 2022, Version 3.85.2263 “Lite”, Apple
  • November 2017, Version: 2.69, Android

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