Gambling Therapy app

An app for people with gambling addiction. This app is best used with guidance and support from people trained to help gamblers such as counsellors and therapists.

Gambling Therapy By Gordon Moody Association
  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Mindfulness and self-help exercises
  • Daily motivational quotes

Note: service providers and crisis support information is not applicable to New Zealand users.

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Clinical review 

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Security and privacy Does the app:
  • collect medical information: No
  • require a login: No
  • have password protection: No
  • have a privacy policy: Yes
  • require internet access: Yes
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What does the app do?

This app has information on what is problem gambling and a test for the users to assess whether their gambling is a problem. The test appears to be based on the Canadian Problem Gambling Index. The advice section comprises:

  • Mindfulness: audios on overcoming the urge to gamble, guided sitting meditation and tips on how to relax.
  • Self-help exercises: this section has a series of worksheets that the user needs to complete to help them understand their problem and figure out solutions such as a gambling diary, worksheets that help you identify gains and losses of gambling, triggers and what you can do to reduce it.
  • Limits and self-exclusion: describes features of websites that allow you to set limits.
  • Access, time and money: offers advice on practical barriers to gambling. 

For the complete app description, go to the App website(external link) , Google Play(external link) or the App Store(external link) or for a complete review, see Reviews.


✔ Easy to identify if the user has problem gambling.

✔ Useful tool to set up the limits for users’ gambling.

✔ Clear layout.

✔ Easy to use.

✘ For someone needing immediate help, there are numerous steps and users may not be able to spend time reading how to do it on the app.

✘ This app is mainly UK, US and Australian users. There is no information on service providers for New Zealand users.

Review details

Date of review: August 2019
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 2.0.9
Download size: 71.21 MG
Updated on: 9/04/2019

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