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Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.

An app for people wanting to make informed choices about what you are buying at the supermarket.

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  • Barcode scanner
  • Food database

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Clinical review Four out of five stars


Security and privacy Does the app:
  • collect medical information? Yes
  • require a login? No
  • have password protection? No
  • have a privacy policy? Yes
  • require internet access? Yes
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Cost Free

What does the app do?

Foodeye is a mobile phone app that allows you to access food information: ingredients, nutrition information, nutrition claims and allergen warnings.

You can add or delete food products from your comparison list, which is saved in your online profile for future use. You can search for the product by scanning the barcode or search by name, brand or category. You can exclude products with certain ingredients (like peanuts) from your search. For a more detailed description of the app, see App website(external link).

Foodeye screenshots

✔  New Zealand-based food database. 

✔  Large easy-to-read images – clearer than reading labels on food packages.

✔  Barcode scanning and extensive search categories.

✔ Can search for foods using an ‘exclude ingredient’ filter that is useful for those with allergies or intolerances.

✔ Can compare products.

✔ Nutrition information given for serving size and 100g/mL.
✘  Foods are compared one nutrient at a time, rather than looking at the item as a whole. This can be misleading, eg, a product low in fat may be high in sugar but this is not immediately obvious. 

✘ Certain foods appear first in searches for no particular reason.

✘ Minimal instructions for use.

✘ Extensive terms and conditions before log-in that may be off-putting to some people and that requires a higher level of literacy to understand. 

Review details

  • June 2020: Version: 1.5, Android
  • June 2016: Version: 1.1.2, Android


Clinical review

Four out of five stars

Reviewer: Katrina Pace, New Zealand Registered Dietitian, Words for Wellness
Date of review: June 2020
Version: 1.5
Review: Foodeye is a mobile phone app that allows users to access food information: ingredients, nutrition information, nutrition claims and allergen warnings. The app is useful for people wanting to make informed choices about what they are buying at the supermarket. This is a good way to double check food label and nutrition information. There is a lot of information and the app takes a bit of an explore to get to understand all the features. It has definite benefits for those on special diets or food allergies.
Safety concerns: None. The app only contains information that is freely available on the nutrition labels.
New Zealand relevance: Made in New Zealand app therefore contains New Zealand foods and supplements.

Clinical review

Four out of five stars

Reviewer: Dietitian App Review Working Group, Auckland DHB
Date of review: July 2015
Version: 1.1.2
Review: The app allows users to compare products in an order based on a single nutrient and interpret this information using their own criteria. Therefore, it may attract users that are highly motivated and health conscious, while it may not add value for people who are willing to make healthy choices but have limited nutrition knowledge. The company takes a hands-off approach when it comes to health promotion by not providing any additional nutrition information or advice. This means the onus of interpretation is on the user, as well as removing the risk of incorrect nutrition information coming from the developer. This app provides a potentially useful food database tool for nutrition and product information for patients, dietitians and health professionals due to the search function that is not present in FoodSwitch.
New Zealand relevance: The information is New Zealand focused and based on New Zealand foods.

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Data security and privacy information

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