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Note: This app appears to no longer be available in the New Zealand app stores.

An app for people wanting to consult a specialist about a skin concern.

Firstcheck By Firstcheck Ltd
  • Skin imaging 
  • Online skin consultation
  • Mole tracking
Country of origin

New Zealand

Clinical review



Free for app
$19.99 for skin consultation
$29.95 for optional dyplens (smartphone lens for magnified skin imaging)
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What does the app do?

This app is for New Zealand users to submit a photo of their skin concern to a skin specialist, at a cost from $19.95 NZD per photo consultation. The app can also be used to simply keep track of a mole, rash or other skin concerns over time.

  • The app guides users through the process starting with instructions on taking photographs of their skin concern. This can either be done with the user's mobile device or with an attachment on the mobile device called a dyplens (an optional purchase for $29.95 NZD) which takes a magnified image.
  • The app then asks users to provide details including where on the body it is located, how long it has been there, whether it has changed over time, accompanying symptoms, and risk factors for melanoma.
  • The user is given the option to save the information within the app for future reference, or choose a skin specialist in their region and submit the information for consultation. The specialist advises whether no further action or a follow-up appointment is needed or in some cases a course of over-the counter medicine may be advised.


CONS  ✘  

Easy to use

Passcode needed to view records for privacy

Includes information about how to use the app and education about skin cancer

Dermatologists recommend using the dyplens which costs an additional $29.95


Clinical review

Reviewer: Dr Brian Wills, Skin Cancer Doctor, Molemedic Ltd
Date of review: October 2017
Review: This app is most useful for the diagnosis of skin cancer. Users are able to get easy, cost effective advice regarding a skin lesion. However, this is dependent on the quality of photos taken by user. The app is most useful if used with SkinScope device. I advise that the app is always used with SkinScope photo. 
Safety concerns: Patient may be falsely reassured or not act on advice given.
New Zealand relevance: This app is highly useful given New Zealand's high skin cancer rate. 

User review 

Reviewer: Anonymous, Nelson, April 2018
Comments: Quick & easy to get doctor to check a mole. 

User review 

Reviewer: Anonymous, Castor Bay, Auckland, April 2018
Comments: This app is a convenient way to get moles checked by a doctor. I didn't  like that my partner had to help take the photo on my back. 

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